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MONDAY - SATURDAY 9.00am - 5 30pm

SUNDAY 10am - 4pm

We are pleased to announce we are now open.  A Covid-19 risk assessment has been carried out and extra safety procedures are now in place for the safety of both our staff and customers. We would like to thank you all for your patience throughout this time. 


Aquactics is an absorbing and fascinating interest that leads you into many different aspects of fish, amphibian and plant life. At the heart of the hobby is the challenge of recreating a part of the natural world in miniature, to enjoy scenes from nature in your own home or garden that otherwise only the privileged few can see in the wild.

We are easy to find  - set within Stone Cross Garden Centre



Fishey business offers something for freshwater and marine fish keepers of all levels of experience although our speciality is in unusual tropical fish. 

We keep large numbers of plecs, including rare species such as Zebra Plecs and Hypostomus luteus. Other examples of unusual fish we keep regularly are Zebra Shovel Nose Catfish, Asian Arrowana and stingrays.

Apart from this livestock, our showroom houses a wide selection of aquariums, cabinets, filters and lighting alongside equipment and supplies both for the aquarium and the water garden.

From March to October we open our pond fish and plant department. Here you will find all the normal ornamental and fancy varieties of goldfish, as well as beautifully marked Japanese Koi and a wide range of pond plants and lilies.

Outside in our extensive display grounds you will find a wide selection of fountains, pre-formed cascades and ponds and water features both traditional and contemporary in style.



Keeping fish is not hard but to make sure your fish are kept well and looked after please follow our guides below or please come in and see us if you have any questions.

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